mix! mix!

there’s a glad man remix of the hot snax on the side there..

my favourite glad mans, newbold n dans been rockin some serious glad vibes, thought about trying to describe this stuff but hell, there’s no comparison, with t.c. harrison…

hit up my esnips page for 5 hot new snax.. fresh off the grill, pipin hot, get yo fill…

tender slices


i’ve been banging this blogariddim mix 4 days, end 2 end burners, it’s got it all, please rub it for me, you owe it 2 yrself…

bloggariddims 10 an england story

blogariddims home here but it’s been quiet a while
here’s a feed for the whole bloggariddim series too while i at it…

finally i can’t get enough of that new heroes series, get the first epi in yr torrentizer here.

great super hero schtic, a bit like all the comics went in the nineys, all dark an deviouslike


One response to “mix! mix!

  1. listenen to yer clatty! the use of eggy bread was

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