16 birds

another day another twenty five pence…

so this week i have been mainly exited by music again, and how great bittorrent is… (still), it’s beautiful to be able to think of a tune or album, that set you on fire when you were 15 and be able to go get it and be reminded how it felt (most of the time)

it reminds me of the samizdat idea, books were made and lent but borrowers were responsible for making copies of them for further distribution, information wants to be free, free information here,

samizdat wiki-p

samizdat hiss toe ree

i can’t help waiting for the clampdown, if u don’t know much about torrents, check this great wiki-p artikl for the full technikl ho-down… a more simple exp here.. truly, how stuff works is great thing..

so far legal action towards bittorrent has involved the shutting down of trackers and prosecutions of people who create & upload the initial torrent… there don’t seem to be any actions against ‘end users’ unless i’ve missed them, anyone got anything on this? please report

right on time it appears that iso-hunt is down, torrentbox is down and barefiles is down.. it’s just a technical.. they are getting sued anyway, along with torrentbox, slashdot

donate to the support fund here (just click the paypal button)

and while your feeling rebellious check out the electronic frontier foundation, hackers from creation..

for my part i’ve uploaded some new stuff which you should see on the side, theres a full length vibe-athon which goes from crooning to jungle and back again, the quality isn’t ultra squeeky but the music shines thru… added vynil emphasis at the start cos i couldn’t be bothered to edit it out..

also don’t miss the glad man version of eggy bread also available on the sidebar..

more later.. gladdy ranks out


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