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beat my shorts

fransco cards


freedom death dance

check the girl in the crowd at 1:32, and feel the force, sly and the family always give me that feeling of positivity that music can convey so well, like it will change the world, like it does those times when you go out and dance yourself into shamanic space, but then you remember that it was 1970 when they played, and things ain’t really changed so much, like my man eugene says:
“no amount of dancing, is gonna make us, free”

link of the year

well i’m obviously behind, cos i didn’t know at all..

proper good, make sure you look around, they got their own internest

Atari Teenage Riot – Revolution Action (Banned Version)

You are invalidating this enterprise,

we could do with a few more of these coming through,

given that we are now all so hip, it makes me sick how often we refuse to even ASK the big questions,

let alone attempt to find answers..


Doo Rag

baby, we like

remember when they said there was no future, well this is it..

shee-it, what is it with you peeple… getwith tha program


as i said b4.. insects ARE going to take over the earth, so y’all better get yo selfs ready, my man the pied piper will sort u out…

he’s comin’ he’s comin he’s comin.. he’s here!

this is our old friend cthulu, this week he has been helping me with an old sun microsystems monitor i acquired, he advised me to use e-serviceinfo to get a service manual, great site but it didn’t have the manual i needed, not so powerful now eh?