Tabla with Beenie Man



this machine kills fascists

and i got phone sex to see me through my emptiness in my 501s..

switch-a bit patchy this machine kills, thanks to spank rock for the tip an apache grime glitch disco tech house mutherfucker

soundbwoy get vex, when im ear what come nex

give the neighbors the benefit!

bug vs rootsman vs he-man mp3


this geezer does some lovely things with flickr

Spiders On Drugs



to celebrate my toasting of two good processors in the space of an hour i give you this little offering, bathed in the mists of time, useful bio here and official pages here.

Appearently he worked for Yellow Magic Orchestra, only worked for ’em mind..

Logic System – Logic

oh and rupture sent u this

radford in the rain…

der human beat box superstar kenny onions

so, we back on track… the vynilarium continues to be fed into the analogue to digital beat grinder for your glistening pleasure

desi beats – gladness abounds, two tracks off some bhangra tape i found in the street,

milt buckner – bouncing at dawn, a robust jazz vampire, found milt in amongst me dad’s errol garners

beenie man‘s sticky dude refix still causing havoc at the gladhouse, mainly with me left speakr

airgoose get loose on their programmable rhythmer, boingy electronicals

oh, and seeing that this is the internet … some saucy pictures

saucy cards